Help with your housing search may be available through the US management of your experiment.

ATLAS users may contact Alexia Leyval located in ATLAS secretariat, Building 40-4D01
(Please do not contact her if you are not an ATLAS member)
Tel: +41 22 767 3449   Fax: +41 22 767 8350

CMS users may contact Yasemin Uzunefe-Yazgan located in 40-5-A15
(Please do not contact her if you are not a CMS member)
Tel: +41 22 767 4799

LHCb users may contact Nathalie Grub located in Building 2-1-051
(Please do not contact her if you are not an LHCb member)
Tel: +41 22 767 9278 Fax: +41 22 766 8668

CERN Phone Book has e-mails and more phone numbers.

Short term accommodation

NOTICE : It is usually hard to find a furnished short term place either France or Switzerland, reservations have to be done 3 to 4 months in advance.

CERN Hostel


Other hotels in France and Switzerland


Furnished apartments in France

Résidence Saint Genis in Saint Genis Pouilly, France, reachable by public bus in 10mn from Cern. Tel : 00 33 4 50 20 73 33 / Fax : 00 33 4 50 20 73 33

Citea in Prevessin, France, reachable by bike or car in 15mn from Cern Tel : 04 50 40 04 93 / Fax : 04 50 40 87 64. There is also a Citea in Divonne which is a bit farther but still reachable by car.

Residence “Antaeus” in Saint Genis, 73 rue Blaise Pascal, Tel: 04 50 20 73 33 (their web site is not up to date)

Furnished apartments in Switzerland

Special Student accommodation









Long term accommodation

CERN housing services


Private agencies in France

Here are some agencies that may have listings:

Agences des Damiers

ABA Immobilier

Serge Bastien Agency

Landecy and Associates


Apartments direct to the owner in France


Web sites for permanent housing in Geneva




http://www.sr-ge.ch/liste_full.php (list of the regies)

http://www.npph.net/immo.html (others)

Apartments direct to the owner in Switzerland
GHI – a free newspaper with housing listings

Home Exchanges

Following are some sites for listing and seeking a home to exchange:

Sabbatical Homes

Home Exchange

Cleaning requests for apartments

Both French and Swiss agencies and owners are very careful with the cleaning of their places when people arrive AND leave. Be aware that your security deposit (2 months rental) can be taken if the apartment is not clean enough when you leave it.

Cleaning companies in France In Gex http://www.serviceproprete.com/ Top Services in Segny 36 r Velle 01170 SÉGNY .04 50 41 73 79 mobile : .06 86 40 42 70 // AD netoyage in Ornex bât C1 135 r Berges du Lion 01210 ORNEX mobile : .06 26 20 52 66 // France net in Gex 19 chemin Emboussoir 01170 GEX tél-fax : .04 50 41 50 51 // Gex netoyage 14 rue de l’horloge 01170 GEX .04 50 99 05 46 mobile : .06 77 89 70 70 Mail : pomari.michael@wanadooSPAMNOT.fr   A potential, inexpensive cleaning lady in Ferney –  telephone : 06 32 30 78 95

Cleaning companies in Switzerland Rodriguez, Ricardo, rue de Lyon 8, 1201 Genève/GE, *022 345 02 37 // Gil Yanez Entreprise de nettoyages, rue Daubin 27, 1203 Genève/GE, *022 345 08 92 // Da Costa, Manuel, entreprise de nettoyage, rue Voltaire 29, 1201 Genève/GE,*022 345 90 12

Furnishing an Apartment

There are a variety of resources for finding used furniture and housewares (as well as cars and much else). Since the Geneva population is transitory there is almost always quite a bit available. Prices are often negotiable.

In addition to the CERN marketplace there are classified listings at:

AngloInfo (this site also has a variety of useful, if sometimes hard to navigate, information about the English-speaking community in Geneva)

WRS radio classified (requires free registration)
Beware that WRG radio has recently become WRS. The link above points to a WRG website that may eventually morph into WRS at this location which is for all of Switzerland, not just Geneva).

There are also many listings through schools and places of employment – harder when you are new to the area of course, but worth asking about.