Executive Committee

Committee members and documents

The members of the current Executive Committee are (with term dates):

  • Darin Acosta – Florida – CMS (2017-2018) – darin.acosta_at_cern.ch
  • Jahred Adelman – Northern Illinois Univ. – ATLAS  (2017-2018) – jahred.adelman_at_niu.edu
  • Usha Mallik – Iowa – ATLAS  (2017-2018) – usha-mallik_at_uiowa.edu
  • Verena Martinez Outschoorn – Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – ATLAS (2016-17) – vimartin_at_illinois.edu
  • Jessica Metcalfe – Argonne National Laboratory – ATLAS (2016-17) – jessica.metcalfe_at_gmail.com
  • David W. Miller – Univ. of Chicago – ATLAS (2016-17) – david.w.miller_at_uchicago.edu
  • Corrinne Mills – Univ. of Illinois at Chicago – CMS (2016-17) – corrinne.elaine.mills_at_cern.ch
  • Jane Nachtman – Univ. of Iowa – CMS (2017-2018) – jane-nachtman_at_uiowa.edu
  • Christine Nattrass – Univ. of Tennessee – ALICE (2016-17) – christine.nattrass_at_utk.edu
  • Harvey Newman – Caltech – CMS  (2016-17) – newman_at_hep.caltech.edu
  • Toyoko Orimoto – Northeastern – CMS  (2017-2018) – t.orimoto_at_neu.edu
  • Gianluca Sabbi – LBNL – LARP (2016-17) – glsabbi_at_lbl.gov
  • Sheldon Stone – Syracuse Univ. – LHCb  (2017-2018) – slstone_at_syr.edu
  • Lauren Tompkins – Stanford Univ. – ATLAS (2017-2018) – laurenat_at_stanford.edu
  • Gordon Watts – Washington – ATLAS (2016-17) – gwatts_at_uw.edu

As mentioned in the USLUA Bylaws, the membership includes the following officers who are selected from among the US LUEC members:

  • Chair: Harvey Newman
  • Vice Chair: Sheldon Stone
  • Treasurer: Gordon Watts
  • Secretary: Jessica Metcalfe

According to the USLUA constitution, we elect half of the executive committee to a two-year term each year. Questions about the election or interest in standing for nomination may be brought to any Executive Committee member.

Usha Mallik serves as our contact to the ACCU.

USLUA Committees

  • Quality of Life:
    Usha Mallik (Chair); Darin Acosta, Verena Martinez Outschoorn, David W. Miller, Corrinne Mills, Christine Nattrass, Toyoko Orimoto, Julia Thom
  • Government Relations:
    Jahred Adelman (Co-Chair), David W. Miller (Co-Chair), Harvey Newman (Co-Chair);
      Usha Mallik, Verena Martinez Outschoorn, Corrinne Mills, Christine Nattrass, Gianluca Sabbi
  • Outreach:
    Julia Thom (Chair); Jahred Adelman, John Harris, Verena Martinez Outschoorn, David W. Miller, Harvey Newman, Toyoko Orimoto, Gianluca Sabbi
  • Finance, Fund Raising:
    Jahred Adelman (Co-Chair), Jessica Metcalfe (C0-Chair); David W. Miller, Harvey Newman, Sheldon Stone, Gordon Watts
  • Communications:
    Darin Acosta (Chair); David W. Miller, Toyoko Orimoto, Gordon Watts
  • Web Presence:
    Gordon Watts (Chair); Darin Acosta, David W. Miller, Toyoko Orimoto
  • Rules & Elections Taskforce:
    Jahred Adelman (Chair);
    Usha Mallik, Harvey Newman, Sheldon Stone
  • Annual Meeting Taskforce:
    Harvey Newman (Chair); Corrinne Mills, Christine Nattrass

We aren’t amazing at archiving our minutes. What we are trying to keep them up to date. You can find them as a series of posts here.

Here are some old direct links.