Statement on protests

ALICE-USA, US ATLAS, US CMS, US LHCb, US LUA Leadership Statement on Protests

In the last week, the US has seen a wave of protests in response to the killing of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, by a police officer in Minneapolis, and to the broader pattern of police violence without repercussions to which this killing belongs. These events have raised strong emotions in many of us.

We, the ALICE-USA, US ATLAS, US CMS, US LHCb, and US LUA leaders, stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, the protesters and their aims, and with any colleague who may join them. In particular, we encourage everyone to show visible support for the people in your community who may be feeling particularly distressed and targeted by this anti-Black violence.

Cities have restricted mobility, in addition to the COVID-19 lockdown, complicating the already challenging pandemic conditions. Our colleagues may spend less time working due to participation in the protests and cleanup efforts, or as a result of emotional distress. It is an opportune moment for those of us with relative privilege to reflect on that, and on how we might do better.

We ask that you extend your understanding and support to each other as colleagues and friends if some of us are not as productive as we might otherwise be. We are all doing the best we know how. The science will still be there when these situations resolve. We earnestly hope that we are seeing the beginning of a shift towards a more just society, in which all people are respected for their humanity, and resolve to do our part in that change.

Marina Artuso, Kevin Black, Sarah Demers, Sarah Eno, Hassan Jawahery, Bo Jayatilaka, Christine McLean, Corrinne Mills, Meenakshi Narain, Christine Nattrass, Harvey Newman, Lawrence Pinsky, Mateusz Ploskon, Harrison Prosper, Sal Rappoccio, Sheldon Stone, Gordon Watts, Michael Williams
for the US LUA Executive Committee; and the US CMS, US ALICE, US LHCb, and US ATLAS Institute Board leadership